Introducing to Cheetah Shell

I would like to introduce a new plugin in Monkey 0.10.0 called Cheetah! . Cheetah is a shell for Monkey HTTP Daemon, it runs on demand if the plugin is specified in the plugins.load configuration file, please take a look to this simple screenshot:

So let's see what it is and the current status:

  • Aims to work like a plugin for Monkey HTTP Daemon loaded on demand
  • Provides useful information about the configuration used for the server and virtual hosts defined
  • Provides details about the workers running. At the moment just the OS PID assigned
  • List plugins loaded and stages where each one is working or taking some action
  • Show server uptime

Planned features for Monkey 0.11.0

  • Show memory usage per worker thread
  • Show basic statistics about current clients connected
  • Reconfigure Monkey on fly, no more server restart when configuration files are modified
  • Unload/Load plugins on fly
  • Print reports for debugging purposes
  • Work over unix pipe instead of Monkey STDIN