How many task are involved when creating an open source project ?

Today i've been summarizing  how many different task are involved when you start an open source project, let's see:

  1. Choose project name: for some people this task can take days!
  2. Choose project website URL: nowadays is difficult to find a short and cool domain name available
  3. Get a hosting, maybe ? well, the right place to start 🙂
  4. Design your project logo and web site: you can install a CMS, but you need to spent time configuring and deciding contents that will be available
  5. Create a control version system repository: oh! svn or git ?, if so, where ? hmm
  6. Create a mailing list: you want to keep informed "someone" in the future!
  7. Create documentation: you know everything about your program, but what about others ?, not all end users are developers!
  8. Create a chat room: maybe the most easy step, don't forget to set the topic if is an IRC channel and "save" the channel
  9. Register your project on a news site like the world must know about your project! not just your 2 friends!
  10. Invite people to participate: most of the successful projects are growing thanks to the community! you need people involved! (including fanboys!), if your project is interesting more than one will want to take part on it...
  11. Coding 🙂

Are you sure that you will handle the whole stuff by your own ?, an open project is not just the license attached, is about to let people collaborate and hear their ideas, they can contribute a lot...