Monkey 0.10.0 RC1 is OUT !!!

Today begins a very excited moment in Monkey HTTP Daemon project, the
development team has decided to release Monkey 0.10.0 Release Candidate 1,
so please check the following details:

What's a RC version ?

A release candidate version (aka rc), is a special version which focus in
stability, we will go releasing different rc versions until we consider that
is a strong version free of visible bugs.

How can i help ?

First download Monket 0.10.0-rc1 and run hard tests over it, serving
different type of files (small and big ones), run benchmark test with httest
or apache benchmark, check compatibility issues on your local machine, etc.

Quick Start

You can download Monkey 0.10.0-rc1 from or

What's next ?

We need your feedback, if you find that something is not working properly,
you got a crash or similar, let us know as soon as possible to this mailing
list. Our bug tracker system is down so any email is appreciated,

How to report a problem ?

In order to provide full details about your issue, please provide
reproducible steps, configuration files used, linux distribution used and
your linux kernel version.

We will provide a full announcement with details about core changes and
people involved once 0.10.0 stable release is out, that's all for now and
let's put our hands on!