Remembering my first speech…

With the past of the years,  you forget details, places and people involved in situations. Today I "tried" to found information about my first speech, and thanks to German Poo which still have published photos of that event I could get some ones. I like to remember when I was a little skinny and younger 😀

In 2001, I began to write a small web server for Linux called Monkey HTTP Daemon, motivated by the idea of learn and create (I'm going to write the full story in a future post...), after a few weeks, it was working (which doesn't means "stable") and  after a couple of months it got basic features, so in 2002 I decided to send my proposal to the "3er Encuentro Nacional de Linux" to show the project and share ideas.

As the proposal was accepted, in november of 2002 (28/29 th)  I gave my first speech in the "3er Encuentro Nacional de Linux" in Bio-Bio University, Concepción - Chile, it was a great opportunity to meet nice and geek people with similar interests than me.

On that time my room mates were Franco Catrin and Max Celedon, both friends and geeks.  I still remember when they were playing with their 3D engine: UGS3D, get more info about the project: demo and authors (really youngers!) hehe...

I wasn't nervious, I felt so relaxed and  "proud" of my presentation made with "Magic Point" and some graphics with "DIA"

Eduardo Silva - speech monkey http daemon

"Supposedly" the speech didn't had to take more than 30 minutes, I get stucked with a problem at the end when I was showing the PHP support, IT WASN'T WORKING! and I tested it a few hours ago, just one word come to my mind on that moment: AFUBIS: A Bug In the Speech, and that's really horrible, i got nervious trying to catch the real problem. The problem was the compiled PHP version on that machine (the desktop pc used to show the slides and the project), and magically a student of that university who was helping in the organization asked me if I had another compiled PHP version in some place and I remember that the previous day I was hacking monkey in another pc located in the expositors room. I did a copy of the compiled/installed PHP to my local machine using SCP , I restarted monkey and magically Monkey+PHP works! , I still remember people applauding and laughting after that critical moment, I got relaxed and saying: Thanks GOD !!!.

The whole conference was really good and motivating to continue contributing!!!, thanks "again" to everybody who help to this ex-(young student) six years ago 😀 .

Thanks so much to the organization and also to: Franco and Max for record my speech, German Poo for take pictures and giving me for "free" a Debian CD copy! .