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Lan Airlines using PHP and MySQL on Boeing planes

October 15th, 2009 2 comments

While i was traveling on a Boeing plane this morning (1am) from Ecuador to Chile, i was watching a movie in the Seat-TV system until something weird happens: all monitors from the plane got frozen with a blue screen and a few ones with a error message as:

warning: mysql_connect(), cannot connect to local MySQL server through
socket ‘/tmp/mysql.sock’ (11) in /thales/apps/250paxeui/lan/backend/dbapi/dbConnection.php on line 9

could not connect, cannot connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/tmp/mysql.sock’ (11)

(yes, i turned on my laptop to copy the text,)

oh!, Lan is using MySQL + PHP as UI to let the user choose between movies, games..etc, that’s cool, which is not is why the MySQL server is down ? after that i realized that under my seat a mini computer was connected so i can assume that they are using a terminal client and a central server on the plane…there were no much to do… i think that somebody had to  reboot the server twice to get the system back properly.

Interesting as free software is flying over the world :)

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Monkey October Update

October 6th, 2009 No comments
  • New Website:  As you know, Monkey project has been hosted in server for the last 7 years, as the project is growing and we are requiring more specific server features that Sourceforge are not providing, I decided to move the official site to a new server and also a NEW ADDRESS!. First all “THANKS!!!” to Sourceforge for support Monkey project during this time.The new hosting provider is, and our NEW website address is:

    Also, i have pushed a new website design based on the PostgreSQL design and schema, i want to keep it simple and easy to get the desired information. The site is still under construction and as you know your input is ALWAYS welcome :)

    FYI, we have not get any sponsor to pay the service, i hope to get some sponsors to support the basic hosting service, do you want’s to collaborate ??

  • Monkey + Plugins: Lot of features are missed and required and is not a good idea to keep all inside the Monkey Core, so a new Plugins feature has been included and the first plugin is the ‘Cheetah!’ shell. This is a major milestone in the project and i’m very excited about this progress, we would decrease the Monkey Core size and move desired features to external plugins which will be loaded on runtime per configuration.
  • Event: Jornadas Regionales 2009*: the Jornadas Regionales is one of the most famous FLOSS events in south america, this year the event is taken place in Santiago – Chile. On Wednesday 7, i’ll be presenting a talk aboutthe Monkey Project, if you are considering to assist to the event, please get in touch with me, i like to meet people who’s read this.
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29 years old!

September 12th, 2009 No comments

Today is my birthday!, i’m very happy enjoying a great time with my wife… it’s being a nice day :)

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Gmote – Gnome remote application controller

May 24th, 2009 No comments

When you have a pretty cool gadget as an Ipod Touch, you should give it an useful use…

Yesterday I started a new project called Gmote, a remote controller for GNOME applications, what’s the idea?, just control basic features of your running applications and Desktop using an external device with network access and a browser…


The UI is very simple to use,  just select a communication port and an application template. Let’s describe how it works:

Gemote includes a very simple webserver, so you just need to choose the communication port where the server will be listening for incoming connections and the application template which describe the commands availables for the client connections, eg: if user wants to share Gnome control, the client will see a simple web page with buttons to control the audio: Raise, Lower and Mute. If user choose OpenOffice Presentation template, the browser will get buttons to control: Next, Previous and Quit.


The browser send the commands to the Gmote web server, every template define by configuration which commands are allowed to be executed and the server restrict which are not in the white list.

Steps to run it:

1) Start the service

2) Connect to your server with an external device using the server ip address an port like

If you want to try it, please download the latest snapshot version from:


  • xmacro
  • GTK
  • PyGTK
  • Glade
  • Python
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Monkey benchmark, a really fast web server: Part II

April 23rd, 2009 4 comments

Last week I gave a talk about Monkey Project in Flisol 2009 Guayaquil (ESPOL), Ecuador. I presented a new benchmark of Monkey but now comparing the performance on serving static files with another web servers.

The test was made on my laptop Intel Celeron M, 1.6Ghz, 50000 request of a 200KB file with 20 concurrent threads doing the job, the benchmark was performed with Apache Benchmark.

I compiled the latest stable version of Lighttpd and Apache, the test was made 3 times per server and the result for each one is the average.

Monkey handle 1888 request per second versus Lighhtpd with 1716 and Apache with 1544. Obviously this numbers are not perfect but shows the great performance that 0.10.x is having with low memory usage and low cpu consumption, we still have to do a lot of improvements so stay tunned for more news :)

Keys to Tearing down walls between people

January 16th, 2009 No comments
  • Think “we”, not “me”
  • Listen to understand, not to reply
  • Believe in Third Alternatives
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MD5 considered harmful today

December 30th, 2008 1 comment

Please read carefully this paper:

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How difficult is to get supported in an open source project ?

October 7th, 2008 No comments

Few minutes ago, I was reading an email sent by John W. Eaton, which is the maintainer and developer for the latest 16 years of the GNU Octave Project , saying that he’s looking for a job because he cannot get more funds in order to continue working on his project in a full time mode.

That email make me thing about how difficult is to get a job where you can do exacly what do you like to do, or if you are luckely, you will work with the technology and tools that you like. But if you have your own project, is very difficult to get sponsored, unless your piece of software became fundamental for some companies, some examples are Apache web server, Python, Gnome, etc. In other cases you are recruited to work with that technologies because you have the enought knowledge.

The good thing behind this “issue”, is that if your project is interesting, you will have a cool community supporting and contributing to it…

IT Companies that use open source software, should support them, support doesn’t means *just* donate money,  but can be the way to donate the enought time to your employee to contribute as: time to give a talk, write some code, write some document, etc. In the other side, if you use an open source software and you are getting some money back with it, you should think about it… people as John W. Eaton need to get supported, why ?, because he’s doing a great work and you can give him the possibility to continue…

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Firefox download day!!

June 17th, 2008 No comments

Today is the firefox download days, some servers are collapsed!, some useful URL to get the latest release:

FIREFOX 3.0 for GNU/Linux
FIREFOX 3.0 for Windows

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I need a job/Necesito un trabajo

December 13th, 2007 No comments

Today my employer told me that the project, that I was working,was ended. So I need to get a new job for january 2008, if any one of you knows where somebody needs a CS Engineer or an Open Source developer, please let me know…. but ASAP!

Hoy mi empleador me comunico que en el proyecto que me encontraba trabajando ha terminado. Seguire trabajando para la empresa durante este año pero necesito un nuevo trabajo para Enero del 2008, si alguno de ustedes conoce donde necesitan un Ingeniero en Informática o u desarrollador de software libre, por favor hagamelo saber, …. pero lo mas rápido posible!

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