Last week I gave a talk about Monkey Project in Flisol 2009 Guayaquil (ESPOL), Ecuador. I presented a new benchmark of Monkey but now comparing the performance on serving static files with another web servers.

The test was made on my laptop Intel Celeron M, 1.6Ghz, 50000 request of a 200KB file with 20 concurrent threads doing the job, the benchmark was performed with Apache Benchmark.

I compiled the latest stable version of Lighttpd and Apache, the test was made 3 times per server and the result for each one is the average.

Monkey handle 1888 request per second versus Lighhtpd with 1716 and Apache with 1544. Obviously this numbers are not perfect but shows the great performance that 0.10.x is having with low memory usage and low cpu consumption, we still have to do a lot of improvements so stay tunned for more news :)

If you are getting this problem in the apache log installing MoinMoin 1.5.8, you maybe want to fix the apache configuration:

<Location /mywiki>
SetHandler python-program
# Add the path of your wiki directory
PythonPath “[‘/var/www/html/wiki’, ‘/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages’] + sys.path”

PythonHandler for MoinMoin is different as most of documentation has referenced… hope this tip helps…

Some days ago I found a bug and I decide to back to my hacking nights and look for a solution, it wasn’t so difficult to fix it, but surely very useful. I had to learn a little bit about X and Xlib

The patch fix a “unknown users feature” of dosemu which allow to reparent the root window in another one… I was needing this feature for a OLPC activity that I’m writting (I will post it about this other project soon).

The patch works and I got a reply from Bert (dosemu maintainer) with some comments and some issues to fix in the patch. Now we have to figure out how to fix the new bug in the reparented window: why the reparented window lost the keys input ?? grr, hope to fix this soon…