Web server contest ?

I have seen around in open source and private web server projects claims to be faster than others.. which is fun, a web server measure should include memory, CPU, scalability, I/O, etc.  There’s no perfect web server for all needs that’s why you cannot be always faster than others…

Would be great that someone could host a web server contest (yearly maybe?) where the projects can participate and someone neutral can measure each one under similar setup, conditions and network environment. Goals ?, make public who does better on which area, with this info would be easily for sysadmins to take better decisions of which web server use versus the business requirements. Also this will motivate to each project to improve the areas that need more work.

I can imagine that after a contest, all of us who develop web servers will start thinking in more innovate ways to improve the performance and maybe propose best architectures for the web.

Who should participate at least ?: Apache foundation, Nginx, Lighttpd, Cherokee, Hiawata, G-Wan, Litespeed, Monkey etc…

If anyone is interested into a web server contest, i can share more ideas and vision about how it should be.

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