Monkey benchmark, a really fast web server: Part II

Last week I gave a talk about Monkey Project in Flisol 2009 Guayaquil (ESPOL), Ecuador. I presented a new benchmark of Monkey but now comparing the performance on serving static files with another web servers.

The test was made on my laptop Intel Celeron M, 1.6Ghz, 50000 request of a 200KB file with 20 concurrent threads doing the job, the benchmark was performed with Apache Benchmark.

I compiled the latest stable version of Lighttpd and Apache, the test was made 3 times per server and the result for each one is the average.

Monkey handle 1888 request per second versus Lighhtpd with 1716 and Apache with 1544. Obviously this numbers are not perfect but shows the great performance that 0.10.x is having with low memory usage and low cpu consumption, we still have to do a lot of improvements so stay tunned for more news :)


  1. Hi
    I am using a DSL-BV1AL linux, inside has a monkey web server, where can i find the config file for this wed server.
    Thankyou very much

  2. Hi Sunny,

    configuration file name is monkey.conf it should be in /opt/monkey…/conf/ or /etc/monkey/conf/..

  3. So is this webserver just for static files? have you compared it with the static files server from facebook (which is made in python IIRC)?

  4. HI Charlie,

    it serves static files as default feature and dynamic content through the Palm protocol… i have not compared it with the facebook implementation.. I will do 😉


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